Advisory & Strategy


  • Honesty & Trust: Based on your requirements and wishes, we give you honest and direct advise. And „no bullshit!“ as one client said.
  • Action Plan: we develop actions and initiatives to smartly grow your company. We do not stop an the analysis level.
  • Feasable and practicable: we focus on initiatives one can deliver. We can assess that as we executed several action and growth plans ourselves.
  • Network: We connect you with people. We leverage appropriately and smoothly our network of great people, stakeholders and excellent companies.


  • Developing and implementing effective business unit strategies

    We help clients design, test, refine, and implement their strategies, ensuring they will beat the market by vetting them against

  • Experience and proven track record: You will not be killed by dusty powerpoints. We propose and believe in actionable initiatives.

Mentoring & Coaching

  • Sparring Partner: You can discuss tricky challenges if you want – you can open up avenues where you need a trustful person to talk to. We are happy in helping you finding the right direction.
  • We love helping you. We do not compromise on this.
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