Marketing & Growth

  • Improve effectiveness from Day 1

    Analyse marketing and sales spend effectiveness: where does the money go and how effective does it return?

  • Optimize whole marketing and sales mix

    The combined optimization of initiatives is much stronger than the isolated work on a single initiative level like display marketing

    Experience across the whole marketing and sales mix:

    • Online: SEM, SEO, Display etc.
    • Offline: OOH
    • TV: deep knowledge across all channels and stations
    • Social Networks and Media: facebook, google +, twitter etc.
  • Network: We can connect you with the right people and the best service providers and media firms. We know this market in and out.
  • Deliver Growth

    We help in executing growth actions across the value chain: from financing to execution, we do monitoring as well as mentoring

  • Attitude

    We are very goal orientated, and act with high standards

Examples of work

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